Q & A

What is the difference between OS-1 Liquid and OS-1 Jelly?

The form is different but they both have the same carbohydrate and electrolyte composition and the same rehydrating and electrolyte replenishing effect.
One 200-g pouch of OS-1 Jelly is equivalent to 200 mL of OS-1.

OS-1 Jelly has the following features.

POINT (1): For people with trouble chewing and swallowing
Since it’s in jelly form, OS-1 Jelly is easy to swallow and can be used by people with trouble chewing and swallowing. (Consult a physician before use.)

POINT (2): For small children
OS-1 has a less salty flavor than the drink, and is easier to take for children who don’t like the taste, and, since it’s in jelly form, it is hard to spill. The jelly can also be spooned out to the child one mouthful at a time.

POINT (3): The 200-g jelly pouch is lightweight and compact.
The jelly pouch is easy to carry and does not end up as bulky garbage after consuming.